Water teached us how to live

One day in ancient China, students spotted their teacher sitting on the bank of a river and asked him:  “Master, you have been watching the flowing water for a long time now. What do you see? “

The wise teacher did not immediately answer the question. Without taking his eyes off the water, he remained silent. Finally he said:

“Water teaches us how to live. Wherever it flows, it carries life and is distributed to all those who need it.  It is good and generous.

If the terrain is rough, it manages to level it.  It is fair.

Without ever hesitating, he rushes into narrow and deep gorges.  She is brave.

Although its surface is smooth and uniform, it can conceal great depths . It is wise.

It is able to bypass the rocks that obstruct its course.  It is indulgent.

However, she is busy day and night to remove all obstacles she encounters.  He is tireless.

However many meanders it may be forced to face, it never loses sight of the direction of its destination, the sea. Is determined.

No matter how many times it may be contaminated, it undaunted is committed to becoming pure again.  It has the strength to renew itself.

This is why I look at the water.  It teaches me how to live!

Lao Tze