Smiling helps your health

Laughter makes us feel better physically and mentally. It induces a more positive state of mind. It also increases self-esteem, reduces anxiety and helps us to release control. It also improves the ability to handle difficult situations and has beneficial effects on our relationships. In fact, it helps us to live in the present: when we laugh heartily we think of nothing but the “here and now”.

In addition, it optimizes learning, memory and creativity by improving our performance “Confirmation comes from recent studies. «Several scientific studies have shown that smiling strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and increases longevity. Smiling also improves relationships between people, making them feel more pleasant, available and charismatic. A recent study from Penn State University has shown that when we smile, we not only appear kinder and more attractive, but we are perceived by others to be more intelligent, competent and trustworthy. ”

“Laughing counteracts the production of cortisol and adrenaline, the stress hormones, and triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, the so-called happiness hormones.” The consequences? «It increases the state of relaxation and well-being. It improves blood circulation and keeps us away from diseases in which stress is a risk factor, for example, from hypertension and insomnia, “says the expert.

Source: Article by Angela Altomare